We are d3riva

Web, API, mobile, and DevOps solutions using modern and resilient technologies


Software development

Conceptualization of your ideas, conception of the software architecture, business logic modeling, and implementation of everything that goes around it.


Automated continuous integration and continuous delivery workflows, handling: versioning, testing, environments, deployments, and releases.


Aside from employing best practices, we perform automated and manual exploit testing, monitorization, alerting, and bugfixing.


We are here
to help you build

Managing the entire creation process, or working alongside your current dev team. Modern and resilient technologies, quality standards, and concern for the information security.


Complex apps


GDPR compliance


You have an idea?
Make it soar.

We have ample experience working with startups, and emerging businesses, kickstarting their ideas.

Build a prototype

From the conceptual phase to your first live demo, we will guide you.

Grow your userbase

We will scale up your projects to meet your business demands


Some of our clients:

From development, to operations, security, and VR. In any sector.


ApeLucy is the first mobile app to fully sponsor mobile data. Through games, video ads, surveys and promotions, users earn mobile top ups, gift cards, and digital wallet balance.

Development, DevOps, InfoSec

Glovo is a mobile application operating in Spain since March 2015 that allows customers to outsource their daily errands to one of our delivery people in order to make life less cumbersome.


TeApetece? is a recipe aggregator featuring an all-in-one advanced search engine, full-fledged nutritional information, wishlist, recipe reviews, and ingredient delivery.

Development, Operations

Voito takes into account the user personality, travel route and preferences to then provide a personalized set of experiences. Voito also matches users with compatible local guides, to enhace their experience

Development, DevOps, InfoSec

MMO+ allows users to choose their next massively multiplayer online (MMO) . Users will follow a setup wizard which then outputs a set of recommendations matching the player parameters.

Development, Operations

Stay focused on your business.
Let us handle the technical part.

You have a business to run. Stop worring about configuring servers, deploying updates, monitorizing infrastructure. Let us do that for you.






Building apps



Which cloud providers do you work with?

AWS, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, and UpCloud; but we are always open to new ones.


Do you manage the whole technical process?

Yes. Development, UX operations, environments, DevOps workflows, information security, performance, monitoring, maintenance, outages.

We do not handle aesthetic design in-house, but we can provide professionals from our network, or you can bring in one of your choice.


What platforms do you develop for?

Web, mobile, PWAs, http APIs, desktop, Unix, and Windows.


Should we go for a minimum viable product, or a fully fledged application?

Depends on your current state, budget, and targets. Let's talk specifics and we will explain to you what is the right choice, and why.

Get started

Reach to us and save your time.

Stop stressing over the technical part. We already figured it out years ago, and we are here to advise you.